Help charity with Irony Curtain & My Brother Rabbit!

Help charity with Irony Curtain & My Brother Rabbit!

There are very few things as great as the Matryoshkan Nation – but The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – WOŚP – is definitely one of them. It’s a Polish charity dedicated to improving medical care for the youngest and oldest patients – if you’d like you can read more about them at the English WOŚP website[].

Long story short – for 27 years now they have been running a fundraiser in order to help provide equipment to hospitals, improve neonatological and senior patient care and even provide CPR lessons in schools. In that time the organization has raised 825 million PLN – that is roughly 198 million EUR!

This year we have decided to join this grand cause by submitting two auctions featuring unique and interesting items, which you will not find anywhere else.

You can bid on two auctions – one is My Brother Rabbit themed, the other is all about Irony Curtain:


You get:

  • a guided communism-themed tour in Krakow, Poland in the company of the developers of Irony Curtain
  • the Irony Curtain game (when it’s out)
  • all and every Irony Curtain gadget ever produced and ever to be produced
  • a deerstalker-type hat called ushanka with an Irony Curtain Pin
  • Matryoshkan flag, 90cmx120cm
  • two Irony Curtain matryoshka cups

as a bonus – eternal glory and the approval of the Supreme Leader of Matryoshka!


You get:

  • the My Brother Rabbit game
  • a plushie, artbook with a dedication from the whole team
  • a studio visit and an opportunity to attend a creative workshop with MBR lead artist Łukasz Sałata
  • all Artifex Mundi games for Steam
  • a limited, box edition of the game

All auctions run till Jan 21st, 12:15:10!

Join in today and become a proud supporter of WOŚP! There are many awesome rewards to gain, but the biggest one is supporting a good cause!

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